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news2It is a known fact that when a person is updated, informed and full of knowledge, he/she feels confident and positive. Every so often, people look for tips and tricks to help enhance their personality and lifestyle. Knowledge and awareness play a vital role in personality improvement. Gone are the days when people are relied on newspapers and TV for latest news and information. Getting daily news from  reliable sources is not a big deal today. The advent of the Internet simplified everything. In the wake of growing popularity of electronic news among individuals, almost all newspapers and television news channels are adopting Internet medium to deliver news. Internet is flooded with online editions of various newspapers, magazines and TV news channels. In this competitive era, staying updated is crucial for everyone. Either you are a businessman, a student or serving a 9 to 5 lifestyle, having knowledge and being updated with the recent happenings is the demand of today’s time.

News updating is not just necessary to become confident but one should keep oneself updated in order to reap profits. Not only this, one can search a month-long news piece item on web with no trouble because preserving a news paper cutting is a cumbersome task for an individual  as keeping past issues for months can be impractical.

A New News Revolution

news3Live internet television  news has been a fairly new and unknown phenomena in our country. This new concept has brought about another information revolution through the Internet medium. Internet, already has proved to be a irreplaceable part of our lives and now with the launch of this another new service called live news television it will change the information exchange systems all over the world.There are various other channels available as well such as YouTube, which has been hugely popular with the viewers. 

Live news television provides a minute-by-minute information on current affairs, politics, business, stock market etc. There are services soon to be launched websites through which we can follow our daily soaps online and that to whenever and wherever we want to. Movies are already streamed online but live news tv would change the way information is gathered and distributed.Internet will become the one stop shop in the actual sense of the word and every mode of entertainment and source of information would now be available on the internet be it games, meeting new people, books and articles, news, movies, music etc and now live news tv.

But there are certain steps that need to be taken for India to take advantage of this phenomenon. The current Infrastructure needs to be developed and the current broadband capabilities should also be improved. Making high speed internet connections available to the common masses and and other necessary preparations are a must to make it a ‘hit’ affair.

Live News – One more jetsetter to life

World has become really fast paced. As quoted in a famous movie “if we do not run we will be left behind  in the competition of life”. Life itself is a whirlpool of changes. The importance of real time information thus increases greatly. Live News comes on first preference over other choices due to this. Mobile alerts are of extreme importance that gives us live updates.


Rising enthusiasm of the fever is kept up with those alerts. Up news like in other states cannot be exempted for absence on sports info in such frenzy. During important events, this whole “live” thing gets even more exaggerated. Nothing peculiar would be noticed if it were a mishap or a celebration. It does get our attention when tagged live. All states get equal share of attention (or neglect) with this factor. 

News in itself seems insignificant but timing is all that matters. Living a life gasping and panting is not the dream we grew up with. We always dreamt of a life filled with fun and heart-filled experiences.